Patrick Fischer won two World Championship medals with the Swiss national ice hockey team within five years, both times a silver medal in 2013 as assistant coach and in 2018 as head coach. However, only a few months before the Copenhagen coup, his team failed miserably at the 2018 Olympic Games in South Korea. On the way to fulfilling a long-term dream («I am convinced that Switzerland will one day be world champion.»), setbacks are part of the game. But how does a head coach manage to form a compact team? Fischer's recipe for success:

  • Having visions and believing in them
  • Setting new goals and moving mountains
  • Encourage and inspire players individually
  • But also: 100% trust!

Patrick Fischer offers the following three presentations on these topics:

Team Building

«Team building has a lot to do with appreciation. I feel a team can function successfully only if everyone has clarity about their own role and appreciates and respects the tasks and roles of the other team members.

How do we manage to become a strong unit?

I believe it is elementary that the team members get to know each other better, creating a stronger feeling of belonging.»

We are a team not because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust, and care for each other.


«As a leader, I know the strengths and weaknesses of my players. This allows me to use them more effectively in special situations, which increases our chances of success. It also reduces the danger of giving them too much or too little of a challenge.

At the same time, I give them a lot of trust and responsibility. This way, every player can grow and exploit his full potential. I inspire them to think big and courageously. Belief moves mountains!»

Leadership is the ability to get extraordinary achievement from ordinary people.

Mindset and Focus

«How do I perform at my best? How do I deal with stressful situations? How do I become a winner?

In every situation you have a choice of how to deal with it. Does it bring me down or does it motivate me even more? Can I keep my focus on the essential, or do I get distracted?

Pay attention to your thoughts because they strongly influence your personal life. I call this mind hygiene.»

Your attitude determines your direction.